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Many Americans who suffer with significant health issues do not realize that they may be entitled to payments that can use to cover medical costs, living expenses or other needs. Some know they are entitled to funds, but do not know how to obtain the money they are owed. 

MedLegal is here to help. We offer a unique, effective and compassionate approach to helping patients obtain the monies they deserve. Using the power of medical data, we are able to connect with doctors, care teams and patients to achieve the best results. We can quickly determine if an individual qualifies for funds, and connect that individual with qualified legal experts who will pursue each claim efficiently and effectively.

MedLegal network attorneys are only paid when an individual or family receives a cash settlement. There are no retainers, hourly fees, or out-of-pocket expenses. Once a settlement amount is determined, an agreed-upon percentage is deducted as payment for our services.

Compassionate representation, skilled leadership

MedLegal combines a strong, knowledgeable legal network with advanced medical data analysis, working hard to ensure the best results for individuals with medical issues.
Ross Buntrock

Ross Buntrock

Founder, Lead Counsel

Ross Buntrock is a Washington, DC, based attorney with 25 years of litigation and negotiation experience, including class actions. A partner in prestigious Am Law 100 firms, Ross is also a seasoned entrepreneur.